The NoHo Comedy Festival is the place where comedic legends, Hollywood’s hottest tickets, and the funniest people you haven’t heard of commence for one epic week long event put on by the historic comedy club: The HaHa.


30 years ago , when comedians needed a mic to dish out material to the masses, they came to the The HaHa Comedy Club. Originally a Mexican restaurant, the HaHa was the hub for up and comers to grab some stage time when they weren’t as likely to get a spot at other clubs owing to their ethnic background. Thanks to the generous owners willing to pass a mic for a couple of laughs, you can say the Haha is single handily responsible for launching the careers of the greatest comedians of our time.


The NoHo Comedy Festival - a celebration of love and appreciation for the HaHa - originated in 2018, instantly becoming a huge success. It is  held in multiple locations across Los Angeles, in venues and restaurants like El Tejano and MOD Pizza. Each location featuring different shows and different comedians nightly, with celebrity comics including  Jimmy O. Yang, Damon Wayans Junior, and Ken Jeong. Additionally, many up and comers brought the laughs at the HaHa during the festival.

NoHo Comedy Festival founder and son of the club’s owner, known by friends as Jack Jr. with these words : "Last year, I had the opportunity to be a part of the Big Pine Comedy Festival. After Long talks with Hillary Hutson, the current director of the festival, I decided to honor my parents' longstanding contributions to the comedy community by creating the NoHo Comedy Festival; In doing so celebrating their 30-year comedy anniversary in May….I'm really excited about the way things are going. Thank you to everyone for the support. I really appreciate it. I can't wait to celebrate with all of you!”

Submissions are now being accepted for the 2nd NoHo Comedy Festival 2019. Click here to submit your 5-minute set.